Desain Saluran Terbuka Akibat Kehilangan Energi Spesifik yang Disebabkan Penyempitan pada Saluran

Setiohadi, Bagus A (2016) Desain Saluran Terbuka Akibat Kehilangan Energi Spesifik yang Disebabkan Penyempitan pada Saluran. Journal of Undergraduate Thesis, Universitas Muhammadiyah Jember.

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Open channel configuration is found in man-made water conduits such as irrigation channels and trenches as well as naturally occurring water conduits such as rivers. He narrowing of open channel conduits due to various reason leads to the transformation of the cross-sectional area of the channel from prismatic to non-prismatic, causing a flow pattern which is more difficult to analyze than that in a prismatic section. In order to observe the effect of reduces cross-section on the specific energy of a flow, a physical model of an open conduits with reduces crosssection has been made in the laboratory of Universitas Muhammadiyah Jember. The channel was 15 cm wide. In one experiment, the width was reduced to 9 cm at a point along the channel and water was passed at adischarge rate of 5,44 x 10-2 m3/sec. measurements were carried out on the height of the flow at the reduced section as well as the rate of discharge, from which the Froude number was determined to identify the flow type. From the same measurement the specific energy parameter was also determined. Measurements were also made for flow at discharge rate of 1,59 x 10-2 m3/sec, 3,85 x 10-2 and 4,34 x 10-2 m3/sec, respectively. The same experiment were conducted with reduce cross-section of 5 cm and 3 cm.

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Additional Information: Bagus A Setiohadi (1210611032)
Uncontrolled Keywords: Specific Energy , Open Channel
Subjects: 600 Technology and Applied Science > 620 Engineering > 624 Civil Engineering
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