Improving Students’ Writing Skill and Activeness Using Collaborative Writing Technique at SMP Negeri 05 Bondowoso in The 2015/2016 Academic Year

Ilmiasih, Holifah (2016) Improving Students’ Writing Skill and Activeness Using Collaborative Writing Technique at SMP Negeri 05 Bondowoso in The 2015/2016 Academic Year. Journal of Undergraduate Thesis, Universitas Muhammadiyah Jember.


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Writing is one of the important skills of English language that must be mastered by students. However, many students found it is one of the most difficult skill in English.Collaborative writing is a method can be used in teaching writing skill. This method was applied to improvethe students’ writing ability. The problem that should be answered in this research is formulated as follows “How can collaborative writing strategy improve student’s ability and active participation in writing recount text?”. Based on the problem above, this research is to know whether this collaborative writing technique can improve the ability and active participation in writing of the grade VIIIB of SMPN 5 Bondowoso .Based on the research problem and the related literature, the hypothesis of this research is described as follows: “collaborative writing technique can improve students’ skill and students’ activeness in writing recount text of the eight grade students of SMPN 5 Bondowoso in the academic year of 2015/2016. Kind of this research is classroom action research. The research subject is the eight grade students at SMPN 05 Bondowoso that consist of 23 students. Test is used to obtain the data in order to calculate the students writing score, alpha formula is used. E=A/Nx100%.. Collaborative writing technique improve students’ writing ability and active participation in two cycles from M=70 in cycle 1 to M=75 in cycle 2 and the percentage of students scored ≥75 was 60,86% in cycle 1 to 74% in cycle 2. The observation result from 80% teacher organize lesson and class in cycle 1 to 92%, and 45,5 % students activeness in cycle 1to 76 % students activeness in cycle 2. The diference between cycle 1 and cycle two is the process of collaboration of the students. In Cycle 1,the students are collaborated but they still confused how to write the recount paragraph separately because they never write something collaboratively. Besides, the students were not focus on the aspects of writing, so they make some mistakes on the aspects of writing. In Cycle 2, the students are collaborated by focusing on writing aspects first and introducing material well before.Handout and dictionaryare provided to help in enrich vocabulary. The students understand the material and writing aspects in cyle 2 such as grammar, vocabulary, mechanics and organization that should be mastered by the students are better than Cycle 1. It can be concluded that collaborative writing technique is able to improve the students’ writing ability and students’ active participation.

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